Purpose in life

I was not sure what to with myself, my life and my future. I was introduced to the golden triangle concept and wow,I got my purpose, my life has changed, I know where I am going and why.

Thank you.

Money does not equal happiness.

I wanted education but a different education. You showed me that the study of my own personality and identiy is more important that formal education

 Thank you.

Self  belief.

I spent years studying, I got two degrees and PHD, a lot of informaiton that made more confused. You helped me to reinvent myself. Today I am very happy.

Thank you

Clarity about the future.

I used to think that I needed a job and a regular income in order to live a wonderful life,  I got many jobs but left them as I didn't feel right. You showmed how to get the job of my life.  I am a happay  entrepreneur

Thank you.

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